As developers, Michael helped us locate the best property for our development His knowledge of the local zoning, his local professional connections saved us time and money. Michael also helped us find development property for our Employee Housing needs for this development. All of the properties he located were not listed for sale, they were "off-market". But Michael helped us find them and secure them. This has helped make the very most of our development property and helped the value exponentially. Michel works as a partner. He has integrity and Grit. I will continue to use Michael.


Michael has a knowledge of the local zoning, is professional in his approach, and was relentless in his ability to find the right property for me.

Tom & Debbie

Michael has the ability to know what properties are coming to market before they hit the general public. This was incredibly helpful to us looking for a home to buy. He seems to have an "inside line" on properties coming to market.


I used Michael t sell my home. I wanted to get the highest value for my home, and Michael came up with an approach to selectively list my property. His approach got me a value that was higher than I expected! I was very pleased with his experience and professionalism.


I worked with Michael Selling my property. He took the time to dig into the Zoning and came up with a value based on the Development opportunity of my property, which was higher than the house value, and I sold my property for a higher number than what I expected. I HIGHLY recommend using Michael to sell your property. He can get you a strong value using his knowledge of the local zoning.

Work With Michael

He brings a dedicated, hard work ethic, a strong value of personal relationships, and a skilled yet balanced business background to his Real Estate profession. Michael’s unique skills make him successful in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.