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We live in a unique town!  There is so much to see and do here in Jackson Hole I am not quite sure where to begin!  Whether you are visiting in the winter or the summer, there is a whole host of activities you can do.  From the extreme athlete to the occasionally active person, to someone who just wants to be in the great outdoors, or to someone who just wants to get away and relax, Jackson Hole is a place where you can literally find it all!

I have prepared a short list of both winter and summer activities for you.  If you are visiting in the summer, then the winter activities may intrigue you to come back in the winter months.  If you are visiting in the winter, then the variety of summer activities hopefully will bring you back for a very different but equally exciting experience.  This list is only the beginning!  In addition to this, there is a variety of other fun, exciting activities to do while here in Jackson. There is so much to do in Jackson Hole that the hardest part will be to fit it all into your trip!

Jackson Hole Lifestyle

Here Is a List of Some of Some of My Favorite Local Activities

Jackson Hole Dining Options

Dining in Jackson Hole is truly an experience. Jackson Hole is home to some excellent dining experiences.  From wild game, trout salmon and other fish, to excellent steaks, fine pasta and sushi, it can easily be said, Jackson Hole has it all when it comes to fine dining.  There are many places you can dine while in Jackson Hole.  Depending on your budget, your tastes, or your preference for food or atmosphere, I am confident I can help you find a restaurant that suits your needs.  I would recommend making reservations, especially during the busy times of the season.  Many of these restaurants can fill up quickly.

Michael’s Picks

Here is a list of some of some of my favorite restaurants

Town of Jackson

The Aspens

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