Michael Pruett

Up Close and Personal

“I love what I do and I love the place I live,” says Michael with a smile. Michael knows and loves the lifestyle of Jackson Hole.  He brings a dedicated, hard work ethic, a strong value of personal relationships, and a skilled yet balanced business background to his Real Estate profession.  Michael has a unique skill set that makes him successful in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

Michael’s Background

Michael was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  He graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  Michael started his career working with Accenture in their Small Business Consulting Division.  His five years in consulting provided him with exposure to all aspects of business and grounded him in finance and administration. Michael’s skills include Real Estate Sales, Strategic Planning and Business Development.  Michael is a creative marketing professional with proven success.  He has strong Sales, Marketing and PR skills, is highly strategic, energetic, motivated and adaptable to different business environments.

Michael’s professional, entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding a regional Internet Service Provider from the ground up called OneWest.net, the largest ISP in the Intermountain West with a customer base of about 20,000 subscribers.  He served as CEO and Chairman of the Board and sold the company.

His business and financial background has made him a skilled negotiator.  He knows how to listen, and how to be firm without being adversarial – a valuable skill when you’re closing a real estate transaction.

Michael’s Success

Michael attributes his success to the quality of the relationships he enjoys. His extensive personal and professional network, his knowledge of the local zoning and his knowledge of the local real estate market give Michael the opportunity to identify a good real estate opportunity.

Michael has demonstrated strong real estate expertise.  Michael has both developed and sold property in Jackson.  As a Real Estate Broker, Michael was recognized as the top 10 Sales producers in 2008 and was recognized among his peers for being one of the top 15 agents in listings sold.

Michael’s Real Estate Practice

Michael’s real estate practice in Jackson has focused on both Residential and Commercial sales and development. Michael is one of few Brokers in Jackson who really understand the local Commercial Real Estate market.  Michael has dedicated 6 years of service on the Town of Jackson Planning Commission, serving as the Chairman for 2008 and 2009.  This experience has given him a vast knowledge of the Teton County Land Development Regulations, zoning issues and the development entitlement process. Michael’s real estate experience combined with his strong business & financial background gives him unique expertise in the commercial markets in Jackson Hole.

Michael’s Personal Life

In addition to his professional experience, Michael is recently married to Dawn Paxton-Pruett.  He is dedicated to his family, his nieces and nephews in St. Louis and greatly values his friendships. The most important thing in Michael’s life is his faith in Jesus Christ. He places a high value on giving his time back to his local community. He serves on the Town of Jackson Planning Commission, serves lunch at the Senior Center on a monthly basis and has served on several local non-profit Boards including the Community Safety Network.



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